hey there. cool to see you come around these parts.


i'm known by several names, but my real one is


i dropped out of college at montreat college in
north carolina, and went on to pursue my own
cybersecurity-related career to great success.


nowadays i deal with fun things like artificial
neural networks, blockchain engineering,
algorithmic trading, and secure hardware creation.

i specialize in cryptocurrency infrastructure

development, neural networks, market analysis,
LiGNUx systems and their respective programming
and security, and cyber defense and threat



i am the inventor of the emojiC programming

language, the OSCR framework, BAXTER, and the

CATNIP token technology.


i am a co-founder, CTO, and president of j-ark innovations, inc - the company
backing development for another invention of mine, the untitled utility
project (TUUP).


i am a massive advocate for crypto-anarchism and a truly free worldwide WAN. i
actively advocate for personal digital privacy, security, and anonymity (if one
wishes). i support the concepts of F/LOSS, but I do not support the FSF due to
their quick reactionary stance towards richard m. stallman.


i currently run a decentralized archive of media, which has somewhat of a cult
following. it consists of all sorts of storage, from LTO-8 tape to blockchain.

i love pretty much all music. recently went down the exotica rabbit hole; no regrets.

what i'm currently reading:


current go-to non-water beverage:


want to support my work? send me monero!


i know a few languages. i prefer the following:

◆ C

◆ R

◆ python

◆ red

◆ solidity

◆ haskell

◆ react/js/node

◆ php

i have a lot of hobbies, but not a lot of free time.

you'll find i enjoy the following:


◆ cooking

◆ ultrabullet atomic/anti/crazyhouse chess

◆ miscellaneous tech shenanigans

◆ cybersec competitions

◆ vinyl collecting

◆ militaria collecting

◆ competitive shooting (pistol, long-range rifle)

◆ hiking/camping

◆ tinkering with my car

a lot of people ask about my setup. here it is.


"daily driver" --------------------------------


◆ lenovo t520 w/ modified wireless card

◆ gentoo, hardened kernel

◆ openbox wm

text editor:

◆ vim, unmodified

e-mail client:

◆ mutt


◆ strawberry

◆ mpv

◆ ardour

◆ gimp

◆ nightly (rarely these days)

◆ elinks

◆ falkon

◆ weechat


◆ logitech g502 hero

◆ custom 104-key w/ mx blues

◆ kanto yu-6 speakers

◆ sennheiser hdr 195

◆ sony mdr-7506


phone -----------------------------------------


◆ samsung galaxy note 10+

the rest:

◆ custom kernel ("dark matter")

◆ termux

◆ freeOTP authenticator


everyday carry --------------------------------

◆ vedder® holster

◆ a discontinued swiss gear® backpack

◆ three different unbranded knives

  ◆ a "buck" knife

  ◆ an automatic knife

  ◆ a folding utility knife

◆ shark jack®

◆ a couple flash drives

◆ usb killswitch

◆ baofeng bf-f8hp w/ a few tweaks

◆ a few snacks